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      Join IrelandAM chef Mindi Keane for an Intensive hands on Masterclass focused on the best of  Indian fusion cuisine.

      Book a 4 week  evening course of start to finish developing and fine tuning your Indian cooking techniques!

      Master the Secrets of cooking delicious Indian food

      What you’ll learn

      • Master the art of Indian cooking- our course has all the basics you need plus more
      • Our unique method of cooking patterns lets you make hundreds of delicious Indian dishes by learning just 9 repeatable “cooking patterns”
      • Step by step recipes included!
      • Confidently create new dishes on your own, once you master these basics with this proven course
      • making cooking Indian food fun and easy.
      • Indian cooking basics – learn how to cook like an expert in just a few steps with our step by step method !
      • Express your culinary creativity and amaze yourself and your loved ones with delicious recipes !
      • Learn the secrets of spices and techniques such as tempering and browning, and many more


      • All you need is a kitchen for cooking up your curries and having a fantastic time learning to cook Indian food



      Hi, welcome to my course on Indian cooking . Love Indian food? Want to make flavoursome Indian curries? Then join my Indian Culinary World, and I will prove, that it is not hard to cook Indian food.

      I will teach you how to make delicious dishes in your own kitchen and at your own pace. If you are a beginner, then I will show you how to master Indian cooking. If you’re an expert cook, the techniques and methods I have shown here will let you cook smarter, faster, and healthier.

      Step by step I will take you through the art of Indian cooking- you will learn about the top spices and herbs that flavour Indian food and techniques like tempering that show how and when to use these ingredients. That’s just the beginning… My unique method of Cooking Patterns will teach you how to make hundreds of tasty creations by following just a few repeatable patterns. And finally, you will see these patterns in action, as you learn restaurant favourite recipes based on these patterns. In no time, you will enter a fascinating world with you as the star.

      Sounds interesting? There’s more. I will teach you about the cookware that you will need for cooking Indian food and their replacements. Too many spices to remember? Mama Nagis has you covered with a Indian  Spice Tin  Just learn the magic of six popular Indian spices that impart flavour and taste to Indian cooking, all you need to start your Indian cooking journey.

      No more searching the Internet for recipes – now you can create your own unique dishes!

      Who this course is for:

      Anyone interested in cooking Indian food, this course has valuable content for beginners as well as experts.

    The Perfect Pressie 

    Interested in learning how to create authentic home cooked Indian food or looking for an alternative night out with family or friends? Why not book on to Mindi Keane’s, founder of the award-winning brand Mama Nagi’s Indian cooking masterclass?

    Mindi will share with you, step-by-step, her favourite family recipes, allowing you to learn and absorb her love of cooking with spices and experimenting with flavours. And the best bit, you get to taste all of the delicious food you have created as you sit down and dine together at the end.

    Classes hold between 10 – 14  people for an intimate hands on experience.

    What’s on the menu?  Aubergine Vegetarian Curry – when it comes to authentic curries, this south Indian aubergine dish can either be used as a side dish, or as a vegetarian main dish. It’s easy, delicious and great ways to introduce different veggies to your diet.

    Moong Dal (Lentil Curry) – A winning recipe for lentil curry (Moong Dal) using Mama Nagi’s Chilli Paste. This lentil curry is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

    Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower & Potato Curry) – Aloo Gobi Indian and Nepali cuisine dish made with potatoes, cauliflower and Indian spices

    Punjabi Bhindi Masala (Okra Curry) – Seriously, this recipe is a celebration of okra. A flavor packed bhindi dish where the spices bring out the sweetness of the okra while the Mama Nagi’s chilli paste gives it that authentic Punjabi delectable flavour.

    The masterclass caters for all health requirements – Vegan, Vegetarians, Gluten free, No sugar, No Salt or No oil’s diets.

    Menu is subject to change

    What type of classes are available? Book a four-week course, to develop and fine tune your Indian cooking techniques. Book a private one-to-one. Or why not make an evening of it and host an Indian themed dinner party with friends or family where you not only get to enjoy the food with a glass of wine, but you will also learn how to make it.

    Where are the classes held? The Group classes will take place in a St Colmcille’s Community School, Knocklyon Dub 16.

    What time do class start? Class start from 7-9pm

    For private parties , ie Hen’s  & Birthday parties, A home family dinner party or One-to-Ones, Mindi can come to your home or business.

    for more information email Mindi Keane on shop@mamanagis.ie



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